Tooth Fairy Rates or How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Bring?

tooth fairyHow much The Tooth Fairy leaves at your house depends on many factors. For instance, just as gas costs more in California than in Texas, The Tooth Fairy's rates often vary by geographic location. After all, she has to fly farther for some teeth. In addition, some teeth are smaller than others, some teeth are brushed much better than others, and the first lost tooth is, of course, the most valuable. But how much does The Tooth Fairy leave at most houses?

A 2009 poll by Securian Dental says the average gift is currently $1.88, down from $2.09 the year before. But the poll also noted that The Tooth Fairy's generosity ranged from a low of five cents (one can only assume those kids never brushed their teeth) to a high of $40 (one can only assume those kids had a special connection to The Tooth Fairy!).

The average for the Securian Dental poll, however, is lower than another survey conducted a few years ago. CNN reported that a 2006 survey of 150 mothers conducted by indicated The Tooth Fairy left an average of $2.64 per tooth when visiting their homes. Of the parents who responded, 60 percent said The Tooth Fairy gave less than $3 per tooth. But in some parts of the country, The Tooth Fairy has been reported to leave $20 or even more per tooth.

Obviously, The Tooth Fairy looks at many criteria before deciding on the proper amount for each child.

We'd like to know how much The Tooth Fairy leaves at your house. Please take the poll below so we can keep track of The Tooth Fairy's going rate. Thank you!

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