Printable Tooth Fairy Letter #1

This printable Tooth Fairy letter is a short poem that can be used for the first lost tooth or any tooth thereafter. It's available as a Microsoft Word download that you can personalize and print out at home. (Please note that you will need MS Word 97 or newer to open and edit the file. It will not work with other word processing programs, including MS Works.)

printable tooth fairy letter
Open Printable Tooth Fairy Letter in Microsoft Word

To personalize this tooth fairy letter, click the image or text link to open the letter in Microsoft Word. Then highlight [NAME] in the salutation and replace it with your own child's name. You can also add your own P.S. at the bottom or change the font size, color, etc. Then simply save the document, and print it.

If you don't have Microsoft Word, you can copy the following poem from the tooth fairy letter into your own word processor and print it out at home on your own paper.

Last night while you silently slept,
Into your room I quietly crept,
I found the tooth you left for me,
And left a surprise for you to see!

Thanks for the tooth!
The Tooth Fairy

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