Free Tooth Fairy Certificate: First Lost Tooth

Losing a first tooth is a major milestone in any child's life, and it's also an important occasion for The Tooth Fairy. Even though she'll be back many times to collect other teeth, the first lost tooth is always a special one. It's a reason to celebrate! One great way to do this is to present your child with a First Lost Tooth Certificate.

They'll love this fun certificate, and it's a great addition to your child's "baby" book or memory book that marks major events in your child's development. Get a photo of your child holding up the certificate with a gaping hole in their smile and you'll have a great memory for your photo album, too! This certificate also goes well with the First Lost Tooth Letter from the Tooth Fairyprintable Tooth Fairy letters you can download from this site.

The free printable Tooth Fairy certificate shown below is available as a .pdf file. Simply click the image shown here to open it in Adobe Reader. You'll then be able to print it on your own home printer and personalize it with your child's name. (If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can get a free download here from the official Adobe site.)

free tooth fairy certificate - first lost tooth

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